Who we are

Spartans are a group of runners who have decided to combine their passion for long-distance running with charitable activity. Each of us has run at least one marathon and each of us trains systematically to improve results and to feel fit and healthy. With our runs and the related media support we want to help ill and disabled children. Some of us Spartans have disabled children ourselves so we know very well the enormous dedication required and the drudgery involved in bringing up and rehabilitating disabled children every day.

Why Spartans?

On 12 September 490 BC, one of the most famous battles in world history was fought – the battle of Marathon. The Athenians asked the Spartans to join them in their fight against the Persians. The Spartans were late and upon arrival they could only see the shambles after the battle. 2500 years after this event, we want to give them one more chance – we want them to make it on time to help. The name of the marathon run derives from the venue of the battle and the heroic deed of Pheidippides, who ran 26 miles to Athens to bring the tidings of the victory and then dropped dead of exhaustion. Because we are runners we thought that combination of the Marathon and Spartan motives can become a symbol of help. We want the running “Spartans” to honor the efforts and the heroic struggle of disabled children and their parents for normal life in society.